indoor air care air duct cleaning ac heating systems commercial residental
Fully Inspect Entire System
100% Non-Toxic Mold and Mildew treatment
10% OFF for Our Senior Citizens
10% OFF Your First-Time Cleaning
10% OFF Two Or More Services
Interior ductwork supported by a comprehensive five (5) or (10)
year warranty guarantee
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indoor air care air duct cleaning

Our friendly highly trained and qualified indoor air care specialist will thoroughly inspect your Air Ducts and all HVAC Mechanical Units.


We are open Monday through Saturday 8am to 6pm



Indoor Air Care | Air Duct Cleaning | Mold Remediation



100% non-toxic, GREEN mold remediation and removal. Commercial and residential. Flood, leak and all other water intrusion restoration.
24-hour emergency response

Indoor Air Care, Inc. is dedicated to maintaining our leadership in the field of indoor air quality. In addition to an award-winning air duct cleaning service, we offer industry-leading mold remediation and removal services. Most people are unaware that 98% of all "mold killing" anti-microbials leave behind powerful chemical biproducts that can be extremely harmful. Indoor Air Care is committed to the safety of its clients and their loved ones. During an immeasurable experience in Louisiana following hurricane Katrina, and again in Southern Florida after three more hurricanes, Indoor Air Care procured technologies not available to any of our competitors. Indoor Air Care now uses only a 100% non-toxic, safe, green process. Whether it is a basement in New Hampshire, an attic in Rhode Island, or an office building in Massachusetts, for any issue that may occur, Indoor Air Care has an obligation to its clients to get the job done right, and more importantly... SAFELY.




indoor air care air duct cleaning ac heating systems commercial residental

Our environmentally safe Portable Vacuum Collector will safely remove all dust and debris from your home or business. Air Duct Cleaning, Dryer Vents, Mold Removal, Remediation, Sanitizing, Deodorizing
Blower, AC Cleaning, Chimney Cleaning. Massachusetts, MA, Rhode Island, RI, New Hampshire, NH

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